Slot Machine Review: Viking Runecraft

The Vikings are the ones who invented runes, among many other things. The good news is that Play’n Go has made a slot machine called Viking Runecraft that is dedicated to this topic. In this newest installment of our series reviewing online slot machines, we’ll be taking a look at everything this game has to offer.

The Vikings left a significant historical legacy, which will ensure their fame. However, for the vast majority of people, this history is characterized by acts of pillaging, invading, raping, and destroying villages. However, the Vikings were also responsible for a great deal more. They were masters in making runes, which they used for communication. In this slot machine game by Play’n Go, these runes play a starring role. This is a key distinction between this slot and the many others in the genre based on the Vikings. Its name is Viking Runecraft, and its logo is reminiscent of that of World of Warcraft. You’ll also notice that the game’s visual style and layout are unlike anything else out there. But that doesn’t ruin the fun of the game at all. Instead, it serves to enhance the mystery and allure of the situation. You’ll have a fun and aesthetically appealing experience spinning the reels here because to the high quality of the graphics.

Exhibit of Viking Era Artifacts

In this game, the user interface is far larger than in others. There are seven rows and seven reels in all. This should result in a novel structure for you to explore. In addition to this, a wide variety of symbols will be displayed for your viewing pleasure. First up are the five runes that represent the game’s lowest paying symbols. You can tell these apart from one another by their unique shapes, patterns, and hues. After that, there are images of a hammer and a Viking axe. A necklace symbol and a helmet symbol will also be shown. The lowest paying icons in the game are a collection of them.

In addition to its outstanding visuals and unique iconography, the game also features intriguing betting opportunities. You can adjust your wager from £0.10 and £100 each spin by clicking the appropriate buttons. For such a massive board, having only seven pay lines seems like a major oversight. Play’n Go, on the other hand, seems to be counting to seven with this one. There are seven rows, seven reels, and seven ways to win. Let’s have a peek at the distinctive features, which are sure to pique your interest.

The Heavenly Gods

New slot games are always exciting, and Viking Runecraft is definitely at the top of the heap. This is because of the assortment of bonus functions, the first of which is the Cascading Reels feature. When a winning combination is formed, this feature will activate immediately. When five or more of the same symbol line up in a row (vertically or horizontally), a cluster is formed. After a win, the icons within it vanish, making room for replacements. If a second win appears, the cycle starts all over again, increasing your chances of collecting multiple prizes from a single spin.

Not only that, but there is a meter displayed off to the left of the reels as well. With each winning combination, this meter will begin to fill up. When it reaches the pinnacle, you’ll activate one of four Charge of Destruction extra stages. The following types of them do exist:

The Fenrir rages once more. Two lines are removed from a total of four diagonal lines of symbols. Then, the symbols on the other two lines will merge into a single picture.

Round of Jörmungand’s Judgment. Several icons will be erased in a straight line from one side of the grid to the other. Then, the symbols along the way will all change into the same one.

The Surtr round was scorched. The fire starts on three of the symbols and spreads to an arbitrary number of neighboring symbols. That wipes off the symbols. A fresh set of symbols appear at the image’s center within the cluster’s flames.

Invoking Loki’s allure. Two icons are picked at random. In every case, one of them is taken off the reels. When one of them does that, everything else becomes identical.

The charge meter resets to full once each of the four feature rounds has concluded. When you play one of the previous four rounds and collect a single charge, you get one free spin. Here we have the Ragnarock Function. The Charge of Destruction bonus meter will change into the End of the World bonus meter during this time. The feature can award a win multiplier of up to 15x if the player is successful.

When a spin does not result in a win, the Gift of the Gods feature may activate at random. This function generates winning combinations by using wild symbols in a variety of styles.

The Last Word

This game is packed to the gills with bonus features, some of which you can activate at will. The brilliant minds of Play’n Go are responsible for the amazing visuals. As a result, it offers a thrilling and engaging experience for gamers.






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